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Who is Upstat Marketing?

Upstat has delivered nearly half a billion dollars in direct customer value since 2009. We've operated in 16 different market places across 3 Canadian provinces and taken product to market from introduction to 30% penetration in 60 days, then followed that up with 60% penetration in 90 days.

10 years ago when Upstat started, it was a direct assault on the social conditioning toward mediocrity. It started from the need to do meaningful work in a vehicle that could get you where you wanted to go in life; where you Really wanted to go in life, not just where you'd be content to go.

It would develop and empower people with all the tools necessary to hit their biggest goals in life.

The name Upstat is the joining of the words "up" and "statistic". Through personal development, we grow as people and increase our stats in all areas of life. As Upstat is the sum of its parts, all self improvement automatically raises the stats of our team, our company, and our clients. "Upstats" are created everywhere as a result of each individual's growth.

To the world, Upstat is an outsource marketing partner building brands through customer engagement and acquisition. We're really good at that. The truth is, the only assets of real value we have, are the way we do things (our intellectual property) and our people. In this way, at least to our people, we're a personal development company wrapped in a marketing firm.

A lot has happened in the last 10 years. Come see what all the fuss is about.

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