Who We Are

We've delivered nearly half a billion to our partners, building brands one person at a time. We work with partners who have excellent products they stand by, and who trust us with their customer engagement and acquisition strategies. Then we hire and train the best people in each local community.

For us, when it comes to representing our Clients and their brand, everything matters.


Are you considering a career in a fast-moving, goal oriented environment? Do you value personal development, mentorship and the opportunity for rapid growth within a company?

With some of the highest paid sales teams in the industry, and a commitment to the continued development of our people, we've consistently been reviewed as one of the best places to work.


Are you a product or service provider who is looking to drive your market share and increase your brand awareness? Are you looking for a strategic partner who will help you grow?

With a proven track record of delivering results on-time and with maximum customer satisfaction, we have the experience and systems to help grow your business.

"Valuable experience and rewarding income!"


"At Upstat there will always be a team leader or manager there to help you succeed however your success depends solely on the amount of work you put in and can be very rewarding. You will learn how to better your social skills through your confidence and voice as you will be talking to clients all day. Team meetings at the start of each day will help with product knowledge and the ins and outs of selling to the average consumer. This job gets easier with time and practice but it is important to stay motivated and persistent because some days your work will not reflect your income and other days it will. Overall it is a great opportunity to earn money and gain a set of skills that will be an asset to you in your career."

"If you're goal oriented, this is the place to be!"


"Best part about working in D2C sales & marketing is that you get to interact with hundreds of new people on a weekly basis. Sure, there are going to be some people who are mean to you, but hey, you're getting paid to engage with people, and the best part about it is that it's outdoors. I went from being a part time rep to being a director within the span of 18 months, and during that same period saw 3 new offices open in 3 new western Canadian cities. Through these positions, my personal growth and development has exponentially improved on many levels. There is definitely room for advancement. D2C has become an integral part of TELUS over the past 9 years and many of the regional or outbound sales managers within Telus start off through D2C channel."

"Great company, great platform for personal growth!"


"This company gives everyone of all sales abilities a platform to progress their careers to earn good money. The money doesn't come for nothing so you have to be willing to work hard but the rewards are definitely worth it. The team is like a family and I really enjoy working events with everyone."

"Awesome job!"


"Great hours, good communication skills learned and a very healthy work environment. Nothing but great experiences while working. Incredible opportunity for growth and improvement with great training and exceptional pay for time spent. This job is teaches you to sell and you will see the biggest improvement in yourself when you decide to focus on self-improvement as well as consistency in your ability to communicate with others."

"Great place to start your career!"


"Worked at the Burnaby for quite a while. In the beginning, I was doubting myself. I was like, this is hard work, and I don't know if I can sell! Well, guess what, after a month of work, I was able to confidently make a good living for myself , improve my sales skills, leadership skills and think for other people. Nothing is more rewarding than doing a job that helps you reach your full potential. Come here and work past a month, I bet you will want to stay after. Don't get me wrong, it was hard work and tough, but what comes out of easy work? No pain no gain buddy. And with all things and especially sales, once this becomes second nature. You don't need to SELL. All you have to do is show up and be yourself."

Want to Join the Team?

We're always on the lookout for awesome people. Click the link and see what open positions we're hiring for right now.

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